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This and That…

I found this yesterday…

One of the Beans had copied Titus’ hand with the copier.   (I just love seeing how cubby his little hands are!)  I will probably keep it forever!

The Beans are finished with their 9 week exams, now!  Yay!  (Yes, I know it is taking forever for us to get through with school!)

Pepto is becoming my constant companion!  Yum!

Tabitha knows the colors green and yellow so far!  Sometimes she gets others, but almost always gets green  and yellow!

She can also count to 6 most of the time.

I called about drivers ed this morning, Jonathan can start Nov. 28. (I can’t believe he is old enough to take drivers ed!).

I bought Leah her first pair of hose last week!  Gasp! (She is growing up tooooo fast!)    She looked a little odd wearing socks with lace around the top. lol

Seth amazes me with his piano.  He hasn’t had lessons in almost a year, yet he still progresses! (Watch facebook, I may be able to post a video later!  He hates it!)

Caleb is doing great with school this year!  His spelling is still a little off, but I learned if I shorten the list from 30 to 15 words a week he does great! (It will just take us forever to get through with his spelling, but I’d rather him get them than struggle!)

I realized last week I’ve been homeschooling for over seven years now!  You would think I’d have this thing figured out by now.   I’m starting to wonder what doing unit studies would be like, and if I’d be organized enough to switch up our school year next year.  Pray with me about it, I’d love to be able to do things differently!

Been praying for  a little girl named Katerina.  She is being adopted from somewhere unknown.  Precious little one with down syndrom, her parents go to pick her up the 18th.  You can find her story here  http://theblessingofverity.com/ but there is a warning, it will break your heart!  Such a long way to go for this little one, yet it is amazing what the God has done to bring her home!


His favorite place is outside of course, and he loves balls!

Such a snuggle bug this one is!  He loves Seth!  Seth is forever showing him something or lifting him up so he can reach the light chain.   Caleb can get him to laughing hysterically, which is what Caleb does!  And Leah tends to “baby” him, but he loves it!  Most of the time Titus and Jonathan get a long, but every once in a while, Jonathan has no patience for him. Today, Jo and Tidy were playing soccer!

 Tabitha and Titus get a long pretty good until she puts her hands on him, then it’s on!

Daddy lets him drink from his cup, I do not!