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Just stuff

Seth shot his second deer of the season Monday…


Jo and Seth fight over which of their deer was the biggest…


I kinda think this one was ugly…

It is STILL hanging in the garage, and I will spare you from having see the pics!

Tabitha keeps going in there and saying yuck!


This hat for some reason scares Titus.  Every time Bryan wears it he just stares!


I think it’s kinda cute on Titus!


He is getting so fast…


Trying to get his picture is getting more and more difficult!


He loves being outside, and ooohh and aaahhhs over everything.





A special day

Sunday was a very special day around here.  Seth was baptized on Sunday.  He had asked the Lord to save him a couple of years ago, but had never shown any interest in getting baptized.  Recently, he came to Bryan and told him he wanted to be baptized.  At Lighthouse, we do not have a baptistry so we have to go to one of our former supporting church about 25 min from here.  We had our normal morning service and had dinner on the grounds.  From there we went to Grace for an afternoon service and the baptizing.  Here are some of the pics that were taken.  I’m also going to post a picture of our new building.  Prayerfully, we will be moving the end of January first of Feb.  depending on when the other church gets their building finished!  Pray sooner rather than later!DSCN1951DSCN1952DSCN1953DSCN0613