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The quiet blog…

It’s been quiet here for a while, there hasn’t been a whole lot of time for the computer lately!  To be honest, I think I may have been depressed!  Yes, I know it’s hard to believe that I could possibly get depressed, and I’m not really sure when it happened, but I’m pretty sure that is what the problem was.  I was cleaning some days, and working at the preschool.  I’m sorry, but  I don’t think I could ever be career woman. I love my kids too much!  I now don’t have the guilt over leaving the little ones or missing the goofiness that comes from the older ones.  I’m still busy, but it’s doing what I love for the people I love.

School is going good, we have our days where one or more don’t want to do their work, but I really feel they are learning!  Abeka is a curriculum that will push them, and they need it!  If I could just get myself organized!  Soooooo many books!  Sometimes it’s overwhelming.  Tabitha has started kindergarten with a little girl from church.  I’m not sure if she’ll be able to grasp it all, but it’s teaching her structure anyway.  I’m loving teaching these two, they are sooo much fun!  I love seeing the light come on when they finally get it.   They play so good together!  Girls can be so catty sometimes, I was a little worried they would fight, but so far they are doing great.

I haven’t shared any pictures of the ranch where Jonathan spent 5 weeks over the summer, so I’ll close with them.  I can see why he loved it and wants to go back.  I just hate the thought of it though.  Next year, he wants to go for the entire summer.

Cowboy Town



Titus was terrified of the horses, but as usual Caleb loved them.  He loves animals, no matter the size.