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Not Me Monday

I’ve been toying with whether or not to do this for a few weeks, but it just seems so fun.  So here goes….

I did not get caught talking to myself by a man in the women ‘ s department at Walmart.

I did not go to church on Wednesday night only to look down and realize Tabitha’s diaper did not leak on my skirt!

I did not try to convince Tabitha that she needed to sleep more at night.  As she was not getting up three and four times a night. 

I did not yell speak calmly to Caleb to get in his seat and do his school work only to realize he was not sitting directly behind me doing his schoolwork.

I did not pack the diaper bag on Saturday with a bottle Tabi always takes only to give it to her daddy when he left. 

I did not just ask my hubby out to lunch.

I do not wish y’all a Happy Monday and a wonderful week.