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Will someone tell me…

Will someone tell me…


Just how a momma…


that spends her entire adult life…


watching and caring for her kiddos…


let them go??


Yes, I know they are growing older…


and they have things to do, places to see…


but it just isn’t easy for me…


to see them growing up on me!


Jonathan has turned in his application…


to work a month at the Bill Rice Ranch…


A whole month!!!!!!!


So over the next few weeks…


I’ll be taking lots of “together” pictures!


We start ‘em young

Yes, here at the Greenebean farm…


We like to train them early…


To work,






And sometimes…


we get…






Catch up!

Hi everyone, I’m playing catch up again.  I don’t know if things will ever slow down!  Maybe after the New Year!  Sad we have to wait so long!  Anyways,  I thought I’d share a little of what has been going on around here.  Jonathan had his band clinic last weekend.  He did great!  I was soo proud, wanted to bawl my eyes out.  He’s just growing up way to fast!  I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in the concert hall, but I’ll post a link to where you can visit the photog site.  http://jackcleary2.com/site/#/gallery/symphonic-band/  Now, let’s just see how many of you can actually find him in all those kids.  

Tabs birthday was on Friday, I had a wonderful post in my head and never did get around to posting it.  Maybe later!  I do want to share some pictures.  Oh, what a good time this little one had with her cake!  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one that had so much fun!  DSCN2869I wish I had taken the cake out of the box so you could see it better.  It was such a cute cake.


There, that’s better!

DSCN2872The first touch!


I’m thinking she likes it!

DSCN2876Look at all that concentration!

DSCN2881DSCN2882She likes it, she likes it!

DSCN2892Don’t ya just love that face!

DSCN2866     DSCN2846 DSCN2861 DSCN2853

She even let Paw Paw open her packages for her!  She had a great time!

Can you tell?????

Tooting Jo’s Horn

As the mother of five I occasionally get to brag on one of beans.  Well, today it is Jonathan’s turn.  Jonathan is 12 and in the seventh grade.  (For all of you that can’t keep up!)  He has been playing the  trumpet for 31/2 years now.  Recently, he had the privilege to try out for the NCCSA (North Carolina Christian School Association) Band.  Today, we found out he placed in the 4th chair in the symphonic band.  There are three bands, Honors which is 9th grade and up, Symphonic and Concert.  Symphonic was the highest he could place and he got 4th chair.  To a Momma, that’s pretty good considering he had NEVER did anything like this before.  I’m sooo proud of him, and it makes all those trips to Chapel Hill well worth it!  A great big Thank You to his trumpet teacher is for sure required.  As a reward he gets to start his own blog.  (Something he has wanted for a long time!)  As soon as we get  it up I’ll post a link.  Oh, on November 14th the band will be performing at the Meymandi Concert Hall in Raleigh if anyone is interested or in town for the event.