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What a busy four weeks we have had here at the Greenebean house.  It’s hard for me to believe that Titus is already a month old, five weeks as of tomorrow.  Wow, time really does fly.  Last week we were in Ohio for a week of Missions Candidate School.  No, we aren’t going into missions, but a couple from our church is.  The school has all kinds of helps for missionaries and pastors.  For me it was a nice week of rest!  I didn’t attend many of the classes, I chose to sit in the motel room and rest.  It was the most rest I’d had in probably a couple of months!  You know how it is, no house to clean, clothes to wash, meals to cook.  Yes, it was quite restful.   I’ve got pictures to post, but I’ll have to go through them first, and time doesn’t always seem to be on my side.  This week, I’ve been trying to get things ready for school.  No, we haven’t started yet, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed!  How in the world we are going to get anything accomplished this year is beyond me.  Pray for good babies, and for me to get organized!!!  I’ve got great ideas, but haven’t had time to get them all worked out yet!

I took Titus for his month check-up on Monday.  The little chub weighs in at 10 pounds 14 ounces.  I can’t believe he is growing sooo fast.  I do wish he would slow down so I could enjoy him being little!

I finally got a picture of all the beans together.  Don’t ask why it has taken so long!  Rule #1: when taking pictures of many kids the first two will always be the best, you might as well quit after 2 shots!

DSCN4930 DSCN4931

I’m still having a hard time believing that Jonathan is 13! 


Jonathan’s favorite thing to do these days!


Tabs too!


Caleb too!

Wow, we will be lucky if he isn’t the most spoiled rotten thing around!

If anyone has any tips on how to homeschool with an infant and toddler, I’d love to hear them!!!


School Activities

We are now in our fourth week of school.  I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.  Hopefully, the rest of the year will pass quickly as well!  Anyway, we have had quite a few science experiments and a field trip already.  The Apologia science we are using is great!  I’m loving it, although Bryan had to take over the older two.  I just don’t comprehend science!  I thought I’d share some of our activities with ya’ll.  The first one is one the older two had.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  It was showing what happened in a chemical reaction.

DSCN1976 DSCN1977 DSCN1979


You can tell by the beans faces they loved this.

Caleb and Leah are studying Astronomy, so theirs is about the planets.DSCN1966 DSCN1968

They were rather serious during this process.  They soon figured out their fingers worked better than the brushes.


It soon became fun!


The finished product!

On Friday, we had the opportunity to go to citizen induction service.  (I have no idea how to phrase that!)  A lady from church is from Taiwan, and finally got her citizenship to the US.  She is so excited, she can now vote!  Anyway, we thought this would be a good field trip for the beans, considering this is probably as close as they will ever get to Homeland Security. 



DSCN2111Being sworn in as citizens.


The Honorable Judge Presiding!


They gave all the beans a flag except Tabs.  I was afraid she’d put it in her mouth, but she ended up with one anyways!  She loved playing with it.  One day she will learn what it’s all about!


Oh, be sure to check back in tomorrow.  Jonathan has a special WW for you!

We survived!

Well, we made it through the first week.  Just a few more quizzes to take and we will be through.  The weekly quizzes are harder than the Beans were prepared for which is good, they will have to learn to study.  We had a very unusual visitor this morning in our classroom.  This visitor just sat and stared and eventually disappeared.  Leaving us all wondering just exactly  where he had gotten to. He was very patient and even let me take his picture.DSCN1947   He seemed to like the letter “O”, and spent almost and hour resting on it’s flash card.


An extremely happy bunch of Beans… The first week is over!

Gone are the lazy days of summer

Yes, you read right, summer is officially over.  Not by the seasons, but by the fact school has once again started.  Gone are the spur of the moment sleep overs, trips to grandparents house, days in the pool.  Gone are days slept in past 7am, playing way to much GameCube, and working in the garden.  Its back to the grind. DSCN1894   DSCN1895 DSCN1896DSCN1897DSCN1898 As you can tell by the look on Seth’s face the first day was rough.  We are using a new curriculum this year and it took some getting used to.  By the end of the first day everyone loved the new stuff, it just took some getting used to.  We are using Landmark for Bible, English, History, and Literature.  Apologia science which the beans love so far, and Math U See.  Caleb especially loves the math.  He loves building the numbers.

DSCN1899 Tabs has been really good this week.  I didn’t know how it would go with her, but she has been taking a morning nap and afternoon nap.  I even got a nap yesterday!  Just pray for me that I’ll have the perseverance to make it through this year.  I really need a mood change right now. DSCN1902Tabs crazy hair!

We’re back!

Wow, what a trip, there is nothing like being cooped up with a bunch of kids in a van for 21 hours!  Not straight mind you, but still it took 9 hours up and 12 hours back.  Don’t ask why, I can’t quite figure it out myself!  We had such a good time! The museum was amazing! It made me think of things I’d never even wondered about. I think the part about the ark was my favorite! I have plenty of pictures to share, so just get ready for it!  The motel was the nicest I’d ever stayed in.  It was a good trip, but today, I’m dragging big time!  I need a nap.DSCN1494 Huge dinosaurs were on display, this one was actually “eating” these leaves.DSCN1495These pictures really don’t do them justice, they were huge!


Tabs learned a lot about creation!


The Garden of Eden


The first marriage union.


The serpent


Sin entered the world, a sacrifice was needed, coverings must be made.


The ground was perfect no longer.


Poor Eve, can you imagine how many children she had to have for all her boys to have wives?  I don’t think I would want to be responsible for populating the entire earth.


Cain kills Able.


Inside the ark


Noah and his sons working on the ark.  Can you imagine what an oddity they were??


This guy was actually sawing.






Love this picture, it looks like he’s trying to talk to it.


Kinda glad we don’t have these things roaming around these parts!


Jo looks a little spacie…


I was afraid this big ole camel was going to eat Leah!


Caleb loved feeding the goats!  There was a girl there that actually asked what kind of animal the goats were!  She must have been from the city!


Poor Tabs didn’t make it through the planetarium show.  She missed all the animals.



Tabs going “bye bye”!  Poor thing didn’t travel as good as I was hoping.  We did find out she likes pretzels and crackers.  It’s amazing what one will do when enclosed in a tight space with a screaming 8 month old.


The group that went minus the men who were snapping pictures.