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Today We

Today we…

14 quarts of pinto beans…

Had some water play…

cut and froze 20 quarts of corn…

And made homemade ice cream!!


A whole month

Wow, I can’t believe it has been over a month since I last posted.  I think that is the longest I’ve missed.  Things have been busy around here, I’m glad Feb. and March are over!  They seem to be our busiest months!  Things are now slowing down, and I’m breathing a sigh of relief!  We actually got a full day of school in today, the first in weeks.  Bryan got the garden planted this afternoon.  I think he said we have 17 rows of corn.  I hope and pray it all comes in!  We love corn!  He has pintos, limas, tomatoes, beets, carrots,  cucumbers, watermelon, and cantaloupe planted  and probably some I’ve forgotten.  I think the garden gets bigger every year.  Of course our family seems to get bigger every year, and the bigger the kids get the more they eat!

Leah and Seth came running in today with an idea, they wanted to clean out the kiddie pool for the babies.  The pool has held our sweet potatoes since last fall, and there were some still in it.   They cleaned it out, and the kids had a blast.


It was warm outside, but the water came straight from the hose…


It was a tad cold…


but they didn’t seem to mind!







They played and played…


soaking up all the glorious sunshine…


Tabs even thought she could catch a wave…  lol


She wore herself out, and decided to float.


One really mean brother poured cold water down his back…


and he poured it down his front!


Water babies, all the Greenebeans have been water babies!

Greene Acres

Greene Acres is the place to be…


Farm living is the life for me…


Veggies growing in the garden…




Chickens in the chicken coup…


Ducks now on the pond…

(or in the neighbors yard!)


Poky, driving us all crazy…

(Anybody want a dog?)


Wagon rides are bountiful…

(she was falling asleep!)


And laundry is unending…


Yep, that’s farm living!


Garden goodness

Saturday, Bryan pulled the first ears of corn out of the garden.  Oh my, I had forgotten just how good fresh corn was.  The Beans devoured 2 ears a piece and even the little one got one…DSCN1879 At first she wasn’t sure what to do with it.


Then, she warmed up to it.


I think she is going to end up being a corn lover too!

What’s been going on

Wow, I didn’t plan on taking quite this long a break from blogging, but it has been busy times.  Leah fell off the zip line and broke her nose and messed up her shoulder and rotator cuff. We had our annual ladies meeting at church, and strawberries have been coming in in abundance!  Fluffy had her kittens and they are soooo cute!  Hot Shot ran away, and now we have a new puppy name Cocoa or Chocolate.  I don’t think we have decided yet.  I’ll post some pictures later of the little cuties, but for now just some of the Beans and our strawberry venture.DSCN0835Jonathan with our first strawberry!DSCN0884  Ain’t they just beautiful!DSCN0882Jam Time!

All the Beans enjoy helping make the jam!  And they all have a job!

Slicing & mashing are good ways to keep them busy.

(Please ignore my messy kitchen!)DSCN0830Caleb’s job is taking care of Tabs!  Don’t ya just love his choice in clothes!DSCN0886  

Berries cooking!DSCN0887Berries canning!DSCN0888Finished product!

I wish I could bottle up the smell from cooking strawberries.  I’m telling you there is no better smell.  So far this week we have canned thirteen jars of jam.  And ate I don’t know how many.  The Lord has blessed us greatly this year!  Now if we can keep the puppy out of the strawberry patch we might get a few more to put up!

Our Garden

Thanks to my wonderful Hubby, we have a garden every year.  He tills, hoes, prays over and checks its growth.  I hardly ever have to do anything in it and when I do it is my choice.  The garden is his baby!  He started planting a few weeks ago and already the potatoes  and onions  are up and thriving.  He has planted a bigger one this year, hopefully we will reap a good harvest & it will be canned and frozen for use during the winter.  Here are some pictures of his hard work.  DSCN0789DSCN0797 Actually it’s potatoes, not green beans!DSCN0798Onions for salsa, I can home made salsa, and we grow all the ingredients!DSCN0801 

Can you tell what this is??  Strawberries!  We have quite the strawberry patch this year.  This patch started with one or two LITTLE plants.  Now look at it!DSCN0799

We ran out of room here, and the Beans planted some shoots in the garden, this is their patch.DSCN0796Right now, there are strawberries everywhere!  We are soo looking forward to being able to freeze some and make some jam for the Beans PB&J’s.DSCN0803 

Can you see that little piece of fruit???  Any guesses???  This is Bryan’s peach tree.  Oh my how he baby’s this one!  Right now the peach tree is covered with these babies, and we are just praying they don’t get frosted on.  DSCN0804

Raspberries anyone?  This bush right here produced raspberries all summer last year.  The Beans are really looking forward to these also.  We also have blackberries growing behind the house, and hopefully we will have some for pies and cobblers.  Does anyone else have yummy things growing in their garden?