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I can’t believe it has been soooo long since I posted.  Sorry about that!  I had my rant, then never came back.  Actually, we have been extremely busy!  We have had sooo much going on it isn’t even funny!  Everyone here is doing good.  Leah is suffering from allergies, and living on claritin (much to her dismay).  Last night on the news they said this years pollen was making history.  I believe it!  We went camping Monday & Tuesday, by the time we got to our campsite, our feet were green from pollen.  Poor Bryan is having an impossible time keeping his black shoes, black!   We are supposed to be getting rain tonight and hopefully it will wash some of the green stuff away!  We had a great Resurrection Day on Sunday.  My kids in Sunday School actually sat about 25 minutes and listened to my Bible story.  Trust me, that was a record!  I have some very active 4 & 5 year olds.  We had some good friends over for lunch & I didn’t have to cook a thing.  She brought the entire meal!  Oh, and sooo good!


Unfortunately, the camera lens had something on it so my pictures didn’t turn out very good.


It is amazing to me, you can get this many kids together in one house and not even know they are there.


Wow, that’s a room full!


It was such a pretty day!


These pretty ladies were enjoying the sunshine!

Monday, we headed to Ravens Rock State Park.  Whew, we did lots and lots of walking!  If this baby is stubborn about coming, I know just the place to go to induce labor!  We hiked about 2 miles to our camp site.  At one point Tabs sat down on a log and refused to go any further.  She had walked about a mile and a half.  That’s quite a bit for one with such little legs!  We learned a few things about camping.  Things that can be left behind and things we really should take.  Bug spray!  If you ever go camping DON’T FORGET THE BUG SPRAY!  Flip flops really are more comfortable than tennis shoes!  And it can get quite cold at night while sleeping under the stars.  Cold drinks are a must, and playing in creeks are fun.  Pit privies aren’t so bad as long as you have a light, and you really can get your dishes clean in the creek.  I will say, camping is fun, but I probably have a few more gray hair now.  Camping with a 17 month old really is stressful at times, or maybe I’m  just getting old.  I’d love to go with just me and Bryan.  It’s so quite and peaceful, so real alone time, literally! We took loads of pictures, and I’ll try to post only a few, but you know how that one goes…

Trail tabs sign 1

Dad,Tabs river Tabs river 2

Tabs loved playing in the creek!  She laid down flat on her back and let the water rush over her.  And that water was cold!

DSCN3982 Seth,Leah river

I so surprised we didn’t end up with any broken bones.  They fell so many times on the slick rocks.  At one point we though Jo had dislocated his shoulder. 

Beans, ravens rock 5 beans ravens rock

Caleb was a little tired by this point.  Can you tell??

butterflies We saw some very pretty butterflies!

Torture stairs Tabs climbs them all

Climbed some torture stairs!

Seth & Leah And took lots of pictures.

Well, this post is quite long enough, maybe, I’ll post more tomorrow!