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Blog hop ‘09

bloghopHi, my name is Kelly, and this is the first time I’ve ever participated in anything blog related.  I love to read other’s blogs, but am hesitant to comment.  It’s funny, I have my favorites, people I’ve never even met, and feel like they are good friends.  My how the internet shrinks the world!  My husband and I have been married 13 years.  He is the pastor of our church, Lighthouse Baptist Church.  We have five children, Jonathan 12, Seth 10, Leah 9, Caleb 6, and Tabitha 8 months.  I fondly refer to them as the “Greenebeans”  hence the name of my blog!  I homeschool, which I love, although I’m crabby at times.  I enjoy almost any kind of craft you can imagine!  We have a garden, and I try to can or freeze all that is brought in, and yes sometimes things go bad.  Hey, I can only do so much!  I have a crazy sense of humor, and my mother says I write just like I talk.  I’m also from the south, can you tell???  Hopefully, I’ll meet some interesting people and find some new blogs to call my favorites!