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It’s been a while

Wow, how time flies!  It has been a busy season here at the Greenebean abode!  I’m not quite sure how we get wrapped up into so many activities, but it sure would be a boring life without them.  We have some news!  Just before Thanksgiving, we found out that we were expecting again!  Such a tulmult of emotions you can’t imagine!  This is my ninth pregnancy!  Wow, can you imagine that one!  I had a homebirth all planned!  Oh, I was so relieved not to have to go to the hospital, but the Lord had other plans.  Last week, I started spotting, and thus I’m high risk.  Off to the ob/gyn I went.  Back to the same ole mess we’ve been through before.  Huge bills, and not a lot to show for it! We did get a sneak peak at the newest greenebean!  I was terrified I’d had another miscarriage, but as the doctor put the ultrasound on my belly and we were able to see the heartbeat, and watch him move around, I was amazed.  Here is what we saw…DSCN3424 A little vague I know, but oh how it thrilled my soul!  I think everyone here is hoping for a boy.  Can’t you see Tab’s with a little brother!  She is still so clingy, I’m not sure what we are going to do.  How she is growing!  Bryan measured her yesterday, she has grown 3 inches in the last four months!  I do believe she is going to be the tallest bean yet! Here are some pictures taken before Christmas.  As you can tell, I have an impossible time getting her to sit still or stand still for that matter. DSCN3284

DSCN3278 DSCN3286  

We made our own Gingerbead houses this year.  We have made them before, but a lady at church always does the baking of the dough.  Well, let me just tell you this, I have way unappreciated her!  I can’t believe how hard the dough is.  I was ready to knock out a couple of window with it, but hubby stepped in and rolled it out for me.  We baked five houses and ended up with 3 complete houses.  One ended up with a knee through it and the other, just wouldn’t stay together.  Poor kids, next year we might just have to bye the ones already baked!DSCN3305Tabs was asleep while they were doing the decorating.  When she woke up everything was all oohs, and ahhs.  She loved the icing covered pretzels!

Christmas day we had some good friends over.  Oh what fun we had.  We even got Mrs. Francis and Mrs. Hutchins to play the Wii. 




Looks like Lauren and Caleb enjoying a game of bowling.

Okay, I’m going to put a plug in for the Wii.  They are extremely fun!  We have had so much fun with this little machine!  I’m not sure how many Mii’s have been created on it now, but it sure is getting a lot of use around here. Last week we had 12 kids here if you count Tab’s and Tom.  Tom didn’t spend the night and Tabs didn’t play much, but everyone took turns skiing and bowling, boxing and playing tennis.  It was sooo much fun.  You know it’s amazing when I can have that many kids in my house and not feel the least bit stressed out!  A good bunch of kids we had here last Friday night. 

We are having a family conference this week and I need to run get ready!  Hopefully it won’t be this long next time!