This sound…

There is “this sound” that I HATE to hear!

“This sound” has a very distinctive sound,

and once you have heard it you will never forget it.

“This sound” puts fear and trembling in me!

“This sound” always comes in the middle of the night

when it is least expected!

“This sound’ always plagues the young ones.

It is a violent sound that often leads to

medical attention, leaving mothers

and fathers helpless.

The wheezing and coughing that make up

“this sound” is awful!

“This sound” has a name, the croup, and

and I have lost waaaayyyyy to much sleep to it!


One thought on “This sound…

  1. Oh no; do you have little ones with croup again?? I remember that terrible sound when their daddy was little and the scary hospital stays. You are afraid to sleep until they are all better. Praying for you all. Love you.

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