Work Day & Bountiful Harvest

Recently, our church was able to purchase the  building where we meet & the parsonage.  The parsonage had been rented out & needed some repairs.  We pulled up the carpet to find hard woods under half of the living space.  What a blessing to know we won’t have to put carpet or laminate back down!  The floors need work, but we a praying it won’t be tooo tooo bad!   Here are some before pics…


This room will be a kitchenette for the prophets quarters…


A little dark, but this will the living room for the prophets quarters…


Bedroom A for the prophets quarters…


Bedroom B for prophets quarters…


Bathroom for prophets quarters… (Please pray we can get the plumbing worked out here without too much expense!)

The house will be spit in half, with half of it prophets chambers and the other living quarters for the Francis’.  They are missionaries going out from Lighthouse to her native country Taiwan!   They will be starting deputation in the near future.   We are excited to see them doing what the Lord has called them to do, although I get weepy just thinking about them leaving!

This will be their part of the the house…


This is the family room looking out of the kitchen…

(I failed to get a picture of the kitchen!)


Bedroom 1…


Bedroom 2…


The bathroom is L shaped…


Praying we can replace the shower…


Laundry room… (anybody know of anything that will remove permanent marker??)


General work station…  (don’t ya just love that wonderful carpet in the KITCHEN?)

While we were working inside, some of the men were outside working on some trees in the front yard.  Some had been damaged in the storms we had earlier this year, and one was wreaking havoc with the foundation of the house.


The boys tried hard to split word with a maul.



Sandy ended up getting some tree work!  Yay!


Pastor got to show us his ability with the chain saw..  (does it bother anyone else to see that he is not looking where he is sawing???)


Seth had a blast with the back pack blower!


Natalie got to spoil a grandbaby!


He doesn’t look like he minds.


That was a good size tree…


I wish I had gotten some pictures with him cutting down the trees, but I was busy painting.


Poor David got stuck in the bucket when the motor in the truck cut off.   Good thing he isn’t afraid of heights.

We got a lot done thanks to a lot of help.

Sunday after church they surprised us with a pounding.  Our church is one of the most giving ones I’ve seen.  They go above and beyond in their giving.  Most of our men in the church are self employed, and haven’t had much work lately.  Bryan and I know they are having it rough right now, but they still give to our family.  I personally love it when they give us a pounding!  It stocks my pantry, and they usually give us stuff I don’t usually buy! Such a blessing!


Thank you Lighthouse for everything you do for us!

(Thanks to Jessica for taking all the outside pics!)


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