Yes, I have gone crazy!

Recently, I was talking to a long time friend about homeschooling. She was telling me of all the wonderful things she did with her kids, and how they were learning about all these cool things.  I felt a little discouraged because I wasn’t doing any “fun” things with my kids during school.  So I started researching fun things to do during school.  Well, I found tons of ideas for little ones, but I haven’t come across too many for the older ones.  If you are friends with me on facebook, you can see the beginning video there.  She was a little hesitant at the first, but she really got into it!


She started off small, with the shaving cream in the pan.


Then she progressed to the chalk board.


Oh, she was having some fun!


Painting, painting, painting…


“This looks so pretty!”


She really got into painting the chalkboard!


Such fun, “can we do it again???”


Squish, squish even Leah got in on the fun!


Titus sure didn’t know what to think!


Don’t ya know, Tabitha was encouraging him!


Poor Tidy, he didn’t know what to think!


But Tabs enjoyed herself!



2 thoughts on “Yes, I have gone crazy!

  1. Love it! I can tell she is having a blast along with her siblings. From the video, sounds like the older ones had fun watching her!

  2. I am considering doing a “Home Ec.” type activity with my schoolers sometime soon. I am planning to get some white t-shirts and have a tye dye/painting day. May be something you can do with your older schoolers too!

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