We ventured out into the great outdoors today.  Bryan being gone, nobody wanted to stay home so off we went.Jonathan has declared we shouldn’t go hiking again until both of the babies are big enough to walk!  This being said because he spent a lot of time trying to get the stroller out of mess after mess!  At one point, we took the babies out and carried the stroller up the hill, then went back and carried the babies up the hill!  All said and done, it was a great day, and I have a feeling, two little beans will sleep good tonight! 


Titus was in love with the place! 


It had just enough dirt!


Tabs busted her lip when we first got there, but it didn’t last long!


Trying to hide!


Titus was soooo sleepy, but he didn’t go to sleep till we were almost ready to leave!


Unfortunally,  the beans were not in the mood for pictures, and the lighting was horrible, so this is the best I got.


We saw some very unusual mushrooms.


Leah and Caleb came back with a cup full.


Leah decided to climb a tree!


I’m sure we were quite a sight, off roadin’ with a twin stroller!


They played in the creek!


And we kept getting further and further from the van!


But they were having soooo much fun!


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