Tidy’s Pool

For Titus’ birthday, we thought we would get him a pool.  We had gotten them a pool while the older ones were at camp, and had to return it because it had a hole in it.  Well, we went and picked out a kiddy pool with a slide at walmart.  We thought we would be smart this time and go for the hard ones.  A little harder for it to get holes.  Well, we got it home and guess what, another hole.  I took it back, stood in line forever trying to return the thing, only to pay for another one, go pick it up and guess what… another hole, and they only had one!  Back in the store to get credit and to pay for a smaller one.  What an adventure just so these little ones can play outside in the water. 


I am glad to report, they are finally enjoying the water!


He cried when I first set him down, but it didn’t take long for him to enjoy it!


He likes to walk around the side more than anything.


Poor little guy, his lips were quivering!



2 thoughts on “Tidy’s Pool

  1. So sweet!! Glad you were finally able to get one without holes. Looks like his siblings are enjoying it pretty much too – lol!

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