Ooooh what wonderful weather!


Titus went absolutely crazy today

when we were able to be outside

without coats and blankets.


He loves watching certain




jump on the trampoline!

(Yes, Tabs is still in her gown at 1:30 pm,

it doesn’t seem to find it’s way into the

potty like her long dresses seem to do!)


This Greenebean had no interest in jumping,

he’d rather be driving!


This one decided to WOW us

with his climbing abilities.


And this one would rather

hide from the camera!

(“Mom, my hairs a mess!”)

I’m sure you can all tell.


This one wanted to impress with

his biking abilities!

He made it to the stop sign and

back in 43 seconds!


And this one rode up and down

the driveway in all her many cars! 


All the while, this one watched in

amazement at what all the

Greenebeans can do!

Hope your sunny day was GRAND!



3 thoughts on “Ooooh what wonderful weather!

  1. It was/is a beautiful day. We went across the road and flew the r/c plane and are looking forward to a walk with Daddy in a little while just before sunset. I love this weather.

  2. aww! I love seeing pics of the cousins and you!(: Miss you guys a bunch. When are ya’ll coming to see us again??

  3. Looks like they were having so much fun!! Thanks for sharing. I’m sure they’ll have fun again today; it’s 72 degrees in our backyard! I’m loving it!

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