A loaded post!

This morning, I had my normal ob visit.  I hate my ob visits because I’m forever getting remarks on how many children we have.  Remarks like “well, if you had taken your birth control, THIS wouldn’t have happened!”  You would think that being a baby delivering doctor they’d be happy you were pregnant.  More money for them, right!  Why did they go into this line of work if they didn’t want to deliver babies.  Actually, this really has nothing to do with the doctors visit this morning, it actually went good, I gained 2 pounds and my blood pressure was fine, declined my ultrasound that made the doctor just trilled, but really it was quite nice.  Doc told me I was old hat at this. I think it was the visit later that got me thinking. I was visiting with a lady, and she told me I had the setting hen syndrome.  What is the setting hen syndrome, you ask.  Well, apparently because I have five kids, pregnant with the sixth, have three in heaven, and actually take care of my kids, I’m like a setting hen.  If they stray too far, I cluck and they all come running back.   Let me ask… Is that so bad?  Is it so wrong of me to want many children to love, hold, cherish.  To watch them grow older, stronger.  To take care of them through sicknesses, change their messy diapers, potty train, and teach them to read.  To teach them to love the Lord, lean on Him, and seek His direction.  Is it wrong of me to want to have my children grow up to become preachers, preachers wives, missionaries, or lay people to help in the church?  How selfish is it of me to stare the Lord in the face and say, “I will have no more!”   How crazy would I be?  Especially when I believe GOD has given me each one of my BLESSINGS!  I haven’t gone out and taken fertility drugs, or had invetro. I have never checked to see if “this” was the prime time to get pregnant.  The attitude of the world, our families, and our churches these days are so messed up.  Everyone has their idea of how many children everyone else should have.  Personally, I believe this is between spouses and God.  I just wish everyone else would have this opinion.  The Bible talks about having a full quiver, it doesn’t say how many is in the quiver it just says full.  Who’s right is it to tell me my quiver is full?  Who gets that liberty, and why try to persuade  people to quit having children.  I understand that some people try to take advantage of their ability to have children, they don’t take care of them, so thus maybe they shouldn’t have anymore.  And I’m not saying I want 25 kids, just wish people would mind their own business! I do not push my kids off on other people!  In fact I couldn’t tell you the last time we actually paid a baby sitter.  True, my kids are getting older so they can stay by themselves some.  Bryan and I try to go out at least once a month, Tabs goes with us the older ones are home.  Neither of our parents live close, so there is no dumping them off at grandmas.  I  home school them, so far I’ve had the privilege to teach two of them to read, and I wish I’d been able to teach the older ones, but they were in school.  What I’m trying to say is this, nobody else is taking care of our children!  God provides our needs!  Is it easy, not always, but we in our sinful human nature is what makes it hard. If we wait on Him, and don’t get ahead of Him, He always takes care of us!  No, there aren’t huge college funds, we don’t have a huge house, or new cars, but guess what, we have each other, we have food, clothes, two vehicles that are paid off, and we have very few debts (house, doctors, etc).   Why complain?  Some say, “But the children don’t get enough attention!”   Hello, they are at home all day, I teach them, we cook lunch and supper together every day, we eat every meal together every day!  Don’t you dare tell me my kids are not getting enough time with us.  Most families the man & wife work, kids go to public school, they go through the drive thru on the way home,  homework, bath and bed.  Tell me how much attention those kids get!  Honestly, my kids are spoiled rotten when you look at it that way.  They always have a way to get to me or their dad, every minute of the day!  Oh, I know I’m on a soapbox today, and I’m sorry I rarely ever go on this way!   The other night, Tabs was up at 2:30.  Now, she hadn’t slept well all week, and last week we were all sick so not much sleep there either.  Some nights are harder than others as most mothers know.  Well, I got up with her, brought her downstairs and was rocking her in the rocking chair.  She was in and out of sleep, so I was hesitant to put her back down.  But as I sat there and watched her expressions while she was sleeping, I realized why I do this over and over again.  As I sat there, her eyes were darting all around, she was dreaming some sweet dreams.   Her eyebrows were going up and down, and her belly was shaking in silent laughter.  Have you ever heard a baby laugh when they’re asleep?  Oh, what a precious sound.  Every once in a while a little laugh would escape, and my heart would melt.  Beautiful lashes were fanned out on round cheeks, rose bud lips would smile and frown as the dream went on.  Little chubby hands stroked the silky edge of her blankie, and I knew exactly why I have so many children.  Simply because I love them.  I love them when they are tiny and helpless, when they are crying and cranky, when they are fighting with each other, and driving me crazy.  I love them when they are calling for MOMMA or when they climb up in Da Da’s lap.  I love them when they are playing together, sharing secrets, and picking unmercifully.  I love them whenever, however, and no I haven’t run out of love yet!  I will love as many as the Lord allows us to have!  And I’m almost to the point, I just dare you to ask how many we are going to have!  I don’t know how many we will have.  My body doesn’t always cooperate, but in Genesis 4 when God cursed Eve He said… I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children;  Never was it said having children would be easy.   I had talked myself out of writing this post and Leah had done some drawing while I was at the drs office. 


Don’t tell me my family is too big or they are feeling deprived in some way!  In saying my family is too big just exactly which one should we get rid of?  Or maybe which one just doesn’t fit?  Don’t even go there!  I couldn’t imagine my family any other way than what it is now.  Other than having the babies here that I lost during pregnancy.  Then, we would get some looks!  I’m sorry this is such a long, emotional post.   Tears were shed, now they have dried and now I’m ready for some smiles.  So I’ll leave you with some very cute little Beans!


Just look at that frown!


Don’t this one just melt your heart!


Or maybe this one!


Are you sure there isn’t anybody out there that wants a puppy, they are super cute!  Hey, you have to draw the line somewhere, 5 dogs, 2 cats and 8 people, It’s a little much.  Have a great one!


8 thoughts on “A loaded post!

  1. Just wanted to say, I am behind you 100%. You are right on target! Praise the Lord for parents like you, and may He bless you with just as many more as He wants for you! Sending hugs! 🙂

  2. AMEN! Sounds like you need a new doctor. Would love a puppy…but just wondering, is shipping included. 😉

  3. Hey Ms Kelly! I totally commend you for the mother that you are. I don’t know you as well as others, but the one thing I do know is that you love your babies. And by all your posts, I can tell that they have ALL the attention that any child could ever ask for! Your children are blessed to have you as their mama 🙂

  4. God Bless you Mrs. Greene. If only more people believed like you. Thanks for posting this. Love ya’ll!

  5. Kelly,

    I agree with you 100%. I do believe that all children are a blessing from the Lord, no matter how many you have. The puppies are adorable, and if we had our yard fenced in, and I could talk Billy into it, I would love to have one.

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