Happier Days

Tuesday, everyone here at the Greenebean abode was all well.  These were taken during school.  As you can tell, Tabs was in a good mood.  Wednesday morning around 6 she started with the flu, since then things haven’t been so peachy.  We have figured out she loves to be at the table with the rest of the Beans, and if we don’t watch her she will write on the first thing she finds! 


Don’t ya just love that tongue!


She takes her schoolwork very seriously!


Movin’ up!






And more Ham!

All the Beans are through with the flu now.  Poor Leah had it worse than anyone!  She still isn’t eating.  I still haven’t gotten it and that is a rarity!  I’ve been praying the Lord would spare me!  Hope you’re having a great day!


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