This is going to be one of those post that just ramble on from one thing to the other.  And as crazy as my mind is, it is hard telling where it will end up!  First off is some crazy pictures of Tabs, this child has such personality about her!  Oh my, how I’m enjoying this little one.  My mother accuses me of having favorites, but as I think back and look at the pictures I can honestly say I was crazy over every one of the beans, especially when they were little.  Now, I’m not so sure~please know I’m only kidding, but it is hard to rave over all the cute things a 13 year old does! Can’t you just imagine how embarrassed  Jonathan would be if I put cutesy things on here about him.  He’d kill me!  Anyway, see I told you I’d ramble.   The other morning Tabs escaped from the beans while I was taking my shower and ended up in the bathroom with me.  She tried to climb in a couple of times, but failed, thankfully.  (Nothing like having a fully clothed toddler with a full diaper climb into the shower with you!) As I was getting ready, I heard her successfully climb into the tub.  Oh, she thought she had done something big. 

DSCN3652 DSCN3653 DSCN3654 Such a Ham!  Oh, so rotten! I can’t tell you just how much delight this little one gives.  Her sibling dote on her like none I’ve ever seen before.  Even the kids at church tote her around.  She has more “siblings” than she knows what to do with!


The puppies are growing at tremendous speed.  They are soo cute, but oh sooo loud.  Cocoa is not the best mother!  If they fall out of the dog house she just stares at them and we have to put them back in.  The other night they were squalling so badly we could hear them in the living room! Their eyes are open now and they are moving around quite a bit, but not roaming around yet.  What  a time we will have when they do start moving around!

Yesterday, was Presidents day, and we debated on whether or not to take off from school.  Unfortunately, it was decided for us.  Sunday night, Jonathan, came down with the Norovirus, better know as the stomach flu.  Poor kid was up all night long!  Seth was the next to come down with it, and it hit him on the way home from getting groceries.  He seemed to have a milder case than Jo, but seemed to feel worse. Our day was spent with some resting and others just waiting to come down with it!  So far they are the only ones to have it, and I’m praying they’ll be the only ones that get it!

DSCN3663 DSCN3664 Sick! Oh so sick!DSCN3665 In waiting!DSCN3659 Leah, making the day just a little sweeter! (Which worked out perfectly, we still have cookies today, and wouldn’t have if the boys were well enough to eat!) (They have been begging for one since breakfast, I think they are back to normal!  Lunch is coming, and they have already placed orders!)

DSCN3661 Leah made some of the cookies plain for Tabs, as you can tell she enjoyed them immensely!  (Don’t ya just love her hair!)

Okay, enough randomness for one day, although I have plenty more, I’ll spare you and hope to be able to do more tomorrow!


One thought on “Randomness

  1. Tabs is one sweet little girl; love the shower pics!! So glad the boys are feeling better. Leah’s cookies look yummy. I’ll have to tell Paw Paw she made his favs! Keep the pics coming; they always brighten my day.
    Love you all,

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