Hi All

A great big “HEY” to all you y’all out there in cyber space.  I know it’s been a while since I actually posted words!  Time really does fly!  There has been so much going on in the last month and a half!  For all of y’all that don’t have facebook, Jonathan and Seth have started blogs.  Their addresses are www.seththehunter.blogspot.com and www.thedeerhunter-jonathan.blogspot.com  You should all stop by and say “hey!”  Leave them a comment and they will love you for life.  Tabs birthday  is Friday. It’s hard to believe she’s already one year year old.  I do believe this has been the fastest year of my life!  Jonathan’s band concert is this week.  Poor guy is already starting to get nervous.  Pray the Lord will calm his butterflies.  We finally got a moving date for the church.  It’s official, February 7, 2010!  We are sooooo excited.  While standing in line for the bathroom Sunday, someone said, ” I just can’t wait until Feb.!  We started canvassing on Saturday announcing the move.  Prayerfully we will have some visitors.  Well, better run way to much going on to sit here for long.  Tootles!


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