The need to go back

I feel the need to go back a couple of weeks and explain.  So much has been going on lately.  As for my wordless Wednesday last week, I guess you can tell we took a trip.  A very long trip!  After 13 years of waiting, we finally went to Texas.  Can you believe it?  Somehow, I’m  still wondering how everything worked out, we were able to go visit my parents.  It was the first time in almost 6 years I’d seen my dad over two for my mom.  It was sooo good to see them and be able to spend some time with them without outside pressures. Tabitha took to them amazingly.  We weren’t there long at all and she was reaching for Momma from me!  We were also able to see my sister and her family.  The beans were able to spend some time with their cousins a rare treat indeed!  I wish I had posted this sooner while the emotions of everything were still high!  Oh, and I was able to meet some blog friends/facebook friends!  Small world sometimes!  Here are some pictures to remember the week by.  If you are a facebook friend these are probably reruns!

 Mom and Dad DSCN2393

What a lovely couple!  Wile we were there, Mom and Dad had a wedding to attend.  A very formal wedding by the looks of it!  See that Texas sky in the backgrounds… Leah asked if the sky in Texas was bigger than the one in NC!


Honestly, you can’t get more alike than these two!  My niece Laura has amazing patience with Leah who is always following her around!


Caleb took to Daddy like ducks take to water.  He talked to Daddy just like he was his best friend.  Daddy hadn’t seen Caleb since he was one, but they hit it off!


Granny Boo Boo with her snuff cup and jokers.  Poor thing she was soo homesick the entire time we were there.


I was privileged to have this time to take pictures of the kids with their great grandma. I need to fix each of them a book so they will remember their Granny Crump!


The beans were able to take part in the services at my Dad’s church and my Kim’s church.  Poor things they were sooo nervous!



Tabs really took to driving!


And to Texas life in general!


Monday, we went to the zoo.  The first one Caleb remembers!  He loved the different animals.  They had some of the biggest tortoises I’ve ever seen!


Such good memories!


I love the relationship these two have!


While fighting the alligators, Jonathan just about got his head taken off!


But the Beans were able to wrestle him down.


Gramma taught Tabs how to drink from a straw.  As you can tell she hasn’t got the suck, swallow thing too good yet!


Tuesday, Kim took off from work and we were able to go to Padre Island.  The Beans were able to hold parrots for the first time!



Tabs just wasn’t quiet sure as to what to think!


Neither did Seth!



We ran into so very scary Pirates!


But Granny charmed them immediately!


I love the look on Luke’s face.  My goodness how this child has grown.  He is close to 6 feet tall, and he is only a year older than Jonathan! 


The pirate’s ship of course!


These guys loved the waves!


Tabs first time at the beach!


Oh my how she loved the water!  She wasn’t afraid of it at all.  She would lunge for the water when it would roll in.  I guess she’ll be crazy about water like the rest of the Beans!


Bryan, Daddy and Caleb walked out to a jetty and did some exploring.


Took some beautiful pictures,



and found some crabs!

On Wednesday, Mom and I braved the border.  I didn’t have a passport, which is required, but I went over anyway.  I received a reprimand by the border patrol, but it was worth it all the same.  Not much has changed in 13 years!  I do wish I could have taken the kids, but we were afraid of what the bp might say.


The crossing…


Rio Grande…


Inspection Station…


The streets with all their little shops and stores.


It’s amazing the boot store is still their, Angels, and the Canada store.  The street vendors, and the men who help park cars.  It’s as if you are stepping back in time.  Not much has changed, although I didn’t see any little kids asking for nickels.  That used to be a common occurrence!


Can you see the tank in the middle of the street?  As we went out the Mexican police checked us.  Smile at them and you get across with no problem!


Coming back across,


Whew, stateside border patrol!

Good bye pictures…


Tabs wasn’t real sure she was liking what was going on!


Oh how she loves her Gramma!


Oh how I wish it didn’t have to be so long until we see them again!


Me, the daddies girl that I am, dreading saying good bye!


One last together picture.


Well, maybe one more!


Oh and yes the Beans would like to get into Paw Paw’s plane.


No, they didn’t get to go up, but would have loved to!


Okay, we’re through, I’ve tortured you enough!


2 thoughts on “The need to go back

  1. Wow, Kelly, this brought back such great memories. I got teary eyed. Put these on FB, ok? I’d like them to be tagged so my friends can see them. Love you.


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