Tooting Jo’s Horn

As the mother of five I occasionally get to brag on one of beans.  Well, today it is Jonathan’s turn.  Jonathan is 12 and in the seventh grade.  (For all of you that can’t keep up!)  He has been playing the  trumpet for 31/2 years now.  Recently, he had the privilege to try out for the NCCSA (North Carolina Christian School Association) Band.  Today, we found out he placed in the 4th chair in the symphonic band.  There are three bands, Honors which is 9th grade and up, Symphonic and Concert.  Symphonic was the highest he could place and he got 4th chair.  To a Momma, that’s pretty good considering he had NEVER did anything like this before.  I’m sooo proud of him, and it makes all those trips to Chapel Hill well worth it!  A great big Thank You to his trumpet teacher is for sure required.  As a reward he gets to start his own blog.  (Something he has wanted for a long time!)  As soon as we get  it up I’ll post a link.  Oh, on November 14th the band will be performing at the Meymandi Concert Hall in Raleigh if anyone is interested or in town for the event.


4 thoughts on “Tooting Jo’s Horn

  1. That’s awesome! Way to go Jonathan! 4th chair symphonic is really great! He’ll love it! It was one of my favorite parts of playing the flute in highschool! 🙂

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