School Activities

We are now in our fourth week of school.  I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.  Hopefully, the rest of the year will pass quickly as well!  Anyway, we have had quite a few science experiments and a field trip already.  The Apologia science we are using is great!  I’m loving it, although Bryan had to take over the older two.  I just don’t comprehend science!  I thought I’d share some of our activities with ya’ll.  The first one is one the older two had.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  It was showing what happened in a chemical reaction.

DSCN1976 DSCN1977 DSCN1979


You can tell by the beans faces they loved this.

Caleb and Leah are studying Astronomy, so theirs is about the planets.DSCN1966 DSCN1968

They were rather serious during this process.  They soon figured out their fingers worked better than the brushes.


It soon became fun!


The finished product!

On Friday, we had the opportunity to go to citizen induction service.  (I have no idea how to phrase that!)  A lady from church is from Taiwan, and finally got her citizenship to the US.  She is so excited, she can now vote!  Anyway, we thought this would be a good field trip for the beans, considering this is probably as close as they will ever get to Homeland Security. 



DSCN2111Being sworn in as citizens.


The Honorable Judge Presiding!


They gave all the beans a flag except Tabs.  I was afraid she’d put it in her mouth, but she ended up with one anyways!  She loved playing with it.  One day she will learn what it’s all about!


Oh, be sure to check back in tomorrow.  Jonathan has a special WW for you!


One thought on “School Activities

  1. I enjoy looking at all the pictures. I really hope we can come visit you sometime soon. Did you know I started a blog?

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