Washing, boiling, sanitizing

Okay, I’m going to be terrible honest here, I have become very lackadaisical with how I raise my children.  When Jonathan was little, I boiled everything, binkies, bottles, and toys.  With Seth I boiled these things occasionally and the toys went in the dishwasher.  By the time Caleb came along, he was lucky if his binky  got washed after it hit the floor.  Well, now we have miss Tabs.  I started out boiling everything.  Binkies were new, so they were boiled.  Her bottles that I bought new were boiled, but I find myself falling back into the old slump.  I’ve been terribly tempted to open a package of binkies at the store and give her one just to hush her up.  Hey, I can pay for it at the checkout right.  And I’m sure they wouldn’t mind just so they wouldn’t have to listen to her scream.  I haven’t done this, mind you, but I have been tempted. (hey, I’ve seen people open food in the store and eat it while they were shopping!)  Anyway, I’ve fallen into a whole new slump.  Just look at what Tabs has been playing with this week.  Forget the boiling, washing, sanitizing!  She is having a marvelous time!

DSCN1643DSCN1644DSCN1645DSCN1647 DSCN1646 





Who needs toys when there’s apples, onions, potatoes and oranges to play with??   I promise you, these were not staged.  She loves to get into the pantry and get out the potato bucket. Now that she is mobile, she is discovering a whole new world.  She doesn’t cry nowhere near the amount she used to.  She is starting to slim down already, and she’s only been crawling a week!  Oh, how I love to hear the pit, pat of her little hands hitting the floor as she crawls.  How I’m going to miss it when she gets older.  They grow wayyyyyy too fast. If I could I’d keep her little forever!


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