So long farewell

Sunday, a group of kids from the church left for Camp Mt. Zion.  This is the first time the older beans have gone to camp by themselves. I have always went with them, so I have spent a fretful week!  Stupid stuff I know, but I just can’t help myself.  Once they got there, I was fine, but I know come Friday, I’ll me a mess again.  I know this is crazy, but I worry about them getting left at gas stations, or stolen from a rest area.  Hey, I still make Caleb use the women’s bathroom at Walmart!  This is the group that left Sunday, they all had the sun grins!DSCN1273 You might wonder what the rest of the beans have been doing.  DSCN1275







Did you know 71/2 month old babies could float????


Two peas in a pod!


Caleb is going flying!


Such trust!


“What ya going to do if I let this cat inside???”

Oooh such an ornery little boy!

Now, all of  you have to pray I don’t go crazy tomorrow as the rest of the beans travel home!


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