Some of my favorites

Okay, so it’s been a little hectic around here again.  Sometimes I wonder if there will ever be a week that isn’t hectic.  This week, all the beans have been split up.  The oldest Bean (Jonathan) is with his grandparents out in Lenoir. The middle Beans (Seth, Leah, and Caleb) have been to Camp Grace all week this week.  Daddy Bean has been away with the middle beans, so that left me, Momma Bean, home with Baby Bean, Tabitha.  Wow, I’m glad we got those identities figured out!  Anyway, poor Baby Bean didn’t do too well with all the other Beans away.  Monday, she pretty much cried all day!  By Friday, we had a system and she was taking long naps and was in pretty good moods while she was awake.  She also cut her first tooth!  I think she is determined to eat real food.  Leah won the Red Rocket Reward trophy for good Christian character.  Seth was voted “King” of Camp Grace Friday night.  Now, he has quite the big head.  This morning, he told me he didn’t have to clean his room because he was the “king”.  I told him I was the queen mother and he was going to clean his room.  Poor Caleb and Seth decided they didn’t need shirts for swimming this week and blistered their nice white backs.  Poor guys are still hurting and that was on Monday.  For some reason they think their mom doesn’t know anything.  Jonathan has been trout fishing in the mountain streams of NC, cat fishing late at night, entertaining little cousins, playing his uncles play station, painting, golfing, go-karting, and keeping the phone wires hot.  I miss him soooo bad, I may never let him out of my sight again!  Here are some pics of the last few weeks happenings around here.  DSCN1144Bryan’s parents got to come for a visit a couple of weeks ago.  DSCN1111 




Seth took his Rocky boots just so he would be tall enough.  (Just Barely!)


Trying to get a good shot of Jonathan was next to impossible.  He was going too fast!


Tabs having a marvelous time!


Before Jonathan left, the Beans decided to play dress up with Tabs.  She was their model. 



A very cute model!




While the beans were gone yesterday, Tabs and I ventured to the park!  DSCN1192


I’m sure people thought I was crazy sitting on the ground taking pictures while she is swinging above me!  Probably thought it was my first child. Ha!


The traffic kept her attention better than I could. She didn’t quite know what to think about those birds shooting water out their beaks.


Inside the gazebo, again fighting the traffic for her attention.

All in all, we have had a good week.  Baby boy if you are reading this tonight know that I love you and miss you!  Good night!


2 replies to “Some of my favorites

  1. You switched your header! Very nice.
    Hooray for being done with school!
    Three cheers for the Queen Mother. LOL
    I think the second swing picture is wonderful. The sitting on the ground worked well.

  2. Love seeing your pictures and reading how everyone is doing. You always inspire me to take more pictures!

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