What’s been going on

Wow, I didn’t plan on taking quite this long a break from blogging, but it has been busy times.  Leah fell off the zip line and broke her nose and messed up her shoulder and rotator cuff. We had our annual ladies meeting at church, and strawberries have been coming in in abundance!  Fluffy had her kittens and they are soooo cute!  Hot Shot ran away, and now we have a new puppy name Cocoa or Chocolate.  I don’t think we have decided yet.  I’ll post some pictures later of the little cuties, but for now just some of the Beans and our strawberry venture.DSCN0835Jonathan with our first strawberry!DSCN0884  Ain’t they just beautiful!DSCN0882Jam Time!

All the Beans enjoy helping make the jam!  And they all have a job!

Slicing & mashing are good ways to keep them busy.

(Please ignore my messy kitchen!)DSCN0830Caleb’s job is taking care of Tabs!  Don’t ya just love his choice in clothes!DSCN0886  

Berries cooking!DSCN0887Berries canning!DSCN0888Finished product!

I wish I could bottle up the smell from cooking strawberries.  I’m telling you there is no better smell.  So far this week we have canned thirteen jars of jam.  And ate I don’t know how many.  The Lord has blessed us greatly this year!  Now if we can keep the puppy out of the strawberry patch we might get a few more to put up!


3 thoughts on “What’s been going on

  1. Oh my, thats a lot of breaking! Hope all is well now?
    Strawberries already? We have to still plant our garden here as we had a bad bad winter.
    Your baby girl is as adorable as ever 🙂

  2. How absolutely wonderful to hear this story. Makes me long to be there with you. We are missing so much. But so are you, little lady. Eleven years is too long to not visit the parents that gave you life. Makes me so sad. The strawberries are beautiful, too. Not quite as beautiful as my grand kids, but beautiful nevertheless. Tabitha takes after her Gramma. That’s all I’m saying. Lol. Keep the photos and stories coming.

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