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Dec 2008 048

Whew, what a crazy two weeks!  I bet some of you thought we had dropped off the face of the earth.  Well, not quiet, but it has been super busy around here.  We had our missions conference a couple of weeks ago.  Dr. Gary Forney and his wife were with us.  We saw our faith promise increase which was a blessing.  This past weekend we had our Romans weekend.  In one weekend we put together over 9,000 copies of Romans that will be sent to Africa to be handed out.  Yesterday, we completed our end of year testing with the home school group.  We also went to the police department on a field trip.  I’m telling you Rolesville is a high crime city!  The officer that showed us around said in 9 years of service there had NEVER been a murder in Rolesville!  Can you believe that?   Okay,  no big rush to move, remember we are a small town! 

As of family news, not much to tell, Tabitha is growing like a weed.  She is up to 17&a half pounds now.  She is such a chunk.  She still doesn’t sleep.  Oh, for a good night sleep!  She is up every two hours at this point.  I thinks she has just gotten into the habit of waking up every two hours so her body just naturally does it.  We have 32 more lessons of school left.  I’ll be sooo glad to be done with it although I shouldn’t complain.  The public schools around here aren’t getting out until July.   Poor kids won’t get much of a summer break!  Yesterday it was nice outside and today it is cold!  Yuck, I’m so ready for the warm days of spring.  News said last night we may have snow showers in the morning.  Oh bother!  Now, I must run, Caleb is needing help with math!

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One thought on “What’s UP

  1. Congrats on the Romans books!

    We are also nearing the end of the school year. I definitely want to keep this schedule for next year.

    Any nice houses with land we could buy? Rolesville sounds much nicer than Harrisburg! Know a good church nearby? 😉

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