A Smile

Since Tabs started smiling, the older beans just can’t wait to try to get a smile out of her & now that she is laughing they do all kinds of things to make her laugh.  Last week after several long nights, I went and took a nap.  When I laid down, Tabs was asleep, but of course not five minutes later she was awake.  (I think they have some sort of built in sensor that alarms when mom is trying to rest!)  Anyway, Bryan being the good hubby that he is came and got her so I could sleep.  A good two hours later,  I woke up, and went to find her since this was an unsually long time for her.   Hubby was grilling supper, what a good man, so I followed my nose to find my baby.  What I heard when I walked out on the back porch would make even the grumpiest person smile!  As soon as I open the back door I could hear Tabs cackling.  Leah had her on the trampoline and Caleb was turning flips.  Everytime Caleb would flip she would laugh.  It was sooo cute!  Up until now she has been kinda wary of Caleb, now knowing what he might do to her.  Now, she loves for him to come around.  Around here, all we have had is rain for the last few days, seems like weeks, so my living room has turned into a trampoline of sorts.  I know it must hurt when they land as the floor doesn’t give, but all four of the beans are forever jumping and flipping trying to get the best giggle out of Tabs.  Poor child is going to be soo spoiled she will stink!   I took her to the doctor yesterday, she weighs 15.5 bls and is 26.5 inches long.  None of the other beans were this big at this age!  She was four months on Friday.  My how time flies.




4 thoughts on “A Smile

  1. What an adorable face! My son was 25lbs at 9 months. He had no legs – holding him was like carrying around a big ham. He eventually grew longer, but his weight stayed the same for a year. 🙂

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