Still Working!



I’m still trying to take some cute feet photos.  It takes me forever to figure out the simplest things on the computer.  Since Tabs birth, I have learned to type with one hand & now, I need to work on speed.  I’m going to be the first ever one handed speed typist.  Anyway back to feet!  When Caleb was little, we had his pictures taken at Walmart. In my personal favorite, Caleb was barefoot & you could see fuzzies between his toes.  Since then I’ve become obsessed with baby feet.  Crazy huh!  If only we could keep them little, I wouldn’t have to try and take the cutest feet pictures.  I just want to be able to remember what they looked like, if only I could add smell to the picture.  I wonder if I could get a scratch and sniff sticker of baby feet to put on my picture so I would be able to remember what they looked and smelled like.  


2 thoughts on “Still Working!

  1. Oh how I love me some baby feet 🙂 I am forever playing with our youngest daughters little feet…
    Found your blog via another blog and wanted to tell you how cute your kids are..
    I too am a mother of 5 🙂

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