Leah has waited a long time!



One year while we were still in Maryland

we were on our way to town.  As the

Christmas season was quickly approaching

I asked Leah what she wanted for Christmas.

She said, “I don’t think you can give me what

I want.”  Wow, what does she want I wondered.

I told her she could at least tell me what

she wanted.  She finally told me she wanted

a sister.  She was right!  A little hard to do

on such short notice! Well, this past Christmas

she finally got her long awaited “gift”.  Actually

it was a little early, but I don’t think she minded!

She only had to wait four or five years, maybe

it wasn’t that early.  Leah is absolutely crazy over

her “gift” and can’t wait to play with her.  She is

CONSTANTLY fighting her brothers for some time

with her “gift”.  She has made all kinds of plans she

wants to do with her “gift”, I just hope the “gift” doesn’t

get old before she has time to enjoy it.  The newness

often wears off and with such noise this “gift” makes

I surely do worry.  As for now Leah will continue to play

bicycle with tiny little feet that don’t push back yet.  She

will tote her “gift” around like a sack of potatoes (amid scaring

her mother to death), and will hopefully build a relationship

with her little sister that will grow and keep them close

for the rest of their lives.  (Okay now you can go and get a

tissue!  I sure do need one!)


3 thoughts on “Leah has waited a long time!

  1. I so want my children to be friends with each other. Especially my girls! It’s something I never really had and I think it’s wonderful when I see it modeled in others lives.

    Glad Leah got her “gift.” 🙂

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