Who knew!

As most of  you know, three of the five beans take music lessons.  Jonathan plays the trumpet, Seth the piano, and Leah the violin.  I know abosolutely nothing of music, nor do I want to.  It just isn’t an interest of mine.  Yesterday, Seth tried to explain what it meant to have different keys in music,  Majors and minors and so on.  He explained majors was “happy” notes and minors were “sad” notes.  Later, Leah was practicing her violin.  She is on the last piece of music in her book and is excited to be moving on.  Well, Tabitha isn’t quite interested in music either.  Well, I shouldn’t go that far, she loves to hear Seth play the piano, and cries when Jo plays the trumpet.  Yesterday, she let us know what she thought of the violin.  She went from happy to



Leah must have been playing in minors!!


4 thoughts on “Who knew!

  1. I didn’t know that they took music lessons. Good for you! I’ve started my oldest on piano, and plan to start the others when they start K-5.

    She is adorable!

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