This Week

A Favorite

A Favorite

Isn’t this just the cutes picture.  This morning, Bryan laid Caleb in the crib beside Tabitha.  Sad thing is Caleb is six and still fits in the crib.  Tabitha snuggled right up next to him.  It was sooo cute. 

We have such a busy week, Dr Behrens is here for a family conference.  The church was packed yesterday.   We had a young couple visit, we are hoping they will be back.  There has been a family visiting, and it looks like they will be joining.  Right now they are driving 50 min. one way.  They are looking to move, but right now isn’t the greatest time to be selling a house.  There is another family looking to move into the area, he lost his job last month & has an interview sometime this week.  Pray he will get this job.  It will be with the post office and his military time will be counted.  Both families have four children, so our need for SS rooms is increasing. Right now we are really praying the Church of God down the road would hurry with their new building.  It looks like we will be getting the old one once they move out.   Lots of space and bathrooms, Woo hooooo!!!!!!!! 

Here is the latest of the Beans.

The Beans

The Beans


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