A quick breather

Wow, everyone is occupied for the moment.  Jo with history, Seth with science, Leah with reading and Caleb with math.  Tabitha is sleeping, one of those rare moments when my hands are free to type.   She is growing at such an alarming rate!  I’ll have to post new pictures of her soon.   Her cheeks are soooo chubby, I’m surprised someone other than her mom hasn’t pinched them!  She slept so good last night.  She was up twice, but she slept in until 8:30 which was great!  

Church news:  We had a teenage girl get saved on Sunday.  It was amazing, I’ve dealt with many people, but she just seemed so ready.  She finished some of the verses before I did.  Please pray for her, she comes from a rough family background.  Her dad recently got saved, but she lives with her mom.  Also, pray for her brother as he is still lost.  Next week our family conference with Bill Behrens starts.  I’m soo looking forward to this conference.  I’ve missed so much church since Tabitha’s birth.  Pray that she will behave herself.  Bible institute started back up last night, one class ended up with seven people in it! 

These were taken a week ago, and she has grown since then.


One thought on “A quick breather

  1. How ’bout a virtual squeeze? *pinch* *squeeze* left then right cheeks.

    Praise the Lord for another soul saved!
    I pray your meetings with Behrens go well and Tabitha behaves like a cherub.

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