Well, I can’t seem to keep up with this thing anymore, and I’m sure It will only get worse as Christmas gets closer.  We had a good Thanksgiving.  We traveled to Bryan’s parent’s house on Wednesday and were there until Saturday.  Do you know how insane it is to pack for seven people?  We were supposed to leave at 9:30 and ended up leaving around 11:30.  Tabitha doesn’t do well when I get worked up!    I guess we should back up a bit.  On the Sunday before Thanksgiving Jonathan and Mr. Frances played a duet.  Jo on the trumpet and Mr. Frances on the piano.  The Thanksgiving play was on Sunday night.  The kids did such a good job.  Although at one point some lines were forgotten and they got the giggles.  They did get them under control and were able to finish the scene, but oh how they reminded me of some of my antics growing up.  Seth played for the offeratory that night.  Now, back to Thanksgiving, we took the kids and got their pictures made on Friday night.  It was a joint effort with Bryan’s brothers kids.  Talk about crazy!  Eight kids ages 11 and younger.  The photographer was good though!  He took enough photos that there were good ones of all of them.  Tabitha wasn’t thrilled with the whole photo taking thing, but he still got some real cute shots of her.  On Sunday, we had a baptizmal service at church.  Two men recently got saved and were wanting to be baptized. It is amazing how hungry for the word these new converts are.  They can’t seem to get enough.  On Tuesday, I took Tabitha back to the Dr. for a weight check and she had gained 1 pound and 5 oz in a week and a half.  She is now up to 9.4.  Actually, if we were to weigh her today, she would be more I’m sure.  She is getting soooo rollie.  Overall, she is a good baby, I’m figuring out her cries, and for the most part there is usually something wrong when she cries.  Her brothers and sister are still CRAZY over her.  They are always fighting over who will hold her next.  Although, right now, they all have colds and are not allowed to touch her.  One little six year old is having a real hard time with this.  We are getting back to school, I’ve missed some drill time with Caleb, and he was behind on some tests, but we are back up to date now.  I’m going to work out my calendar today, then we will know what is going on for the rest of the month.  They have a field trip next week to Imagination Station in Wilson.  Right now, I’m hoping we aren’t leaving the church real early!!!  It takes forever to get everything accomplished in the morning!  Okay, enough for now, maybe just maybe, the next post won’t be this long.


2 replies to “Update

  1. Wow, I thought I had a busy life, but no way, I’m totally beaten! And lol I’ve heard about some of your antics! I’m glad that all is going well though. Especially with the baby.

  2. Glad to hear things are going ok – even though super busy.
    It’s nice to hear about you whenever you do get a chance to post.
    PTL for the two salvations! Always great to hear.
    Pictures are trying. Congrats on getting some nice ones.

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